Elina Sirone established herself as one of the most interesting pianists of her age when she already before ending her studies in Stockholm, performed with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra: in 2007 S. Rachmaninov’s Second Piano concerto, in 2008 W. Stenhammar’s Second Piano concerto and in 2009 F. Chopin’s First Piano concerto with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra.

The critics wrote:

”…Her technique was brilliant and her musical interpretation showed both – deep understanding and maturity…”
Lars-Erik Larsson/
Skånska Dagbladet 2009

”…everything what one can learn the latvian pianist Elina Sirone has already mastered…”
Carl-Gunnar Åhlén/
Svenska Dagbladet, 2008

”Pianist Elina Sirone had such a timbre and such a richness of nuances, especially in the dark finish with it’s deep bases. To manage such changes of colour, such fine nuance shifts between the dramatic, big, strong tone till absolute pianissimo down in the bases is big achievement…”
Blekinge Läns Tidning, 2008

”…Elina Sirone impressed with a rhytmical, fresh and divinely gifted brilliant playing. A special praise must be given to Sirone’s impressive treatment of the dynamics…
…She showed an impressive lion’s claw.”
Dag Lundin/
Eskilstuna-Kuriren, 2010